Another happy hunter writes…

Team Clover Creek,

                Pictures from our recent pig hunt at Clover Creek Ranch this past Wednesday.

Don put us on the two pigs in minutes!  Matt and Briggs(sp?) were also helpful in dressing the hogs for the trip back.

The hogs are at the butchers getting processed right now.

Stephen and I were told that the deer hunting is quite good in recent years.  We might be back in 2017 for deer.

Thanks for the great time and great service from the staff!   Thanks so much!

Gary and Stephen

20160706_080639 (1)


Clover Creek Ranch is located in Cheney, WA.  If you would like to book an exotic hunt and have the time of your life please call Shon Webb at 360-606-5428. He is also available via email at swebb@ee-gogreen.com. We harvest Bison, Yak, Water Buffalo, Exotic Sheep, Trophy Oregon Dahl Ram, Exotic Goat and Hog year round in Washington State. No out of State tags or license required! Or you can reach Paul at 360-635-8846 or e-mail bigbadbear65@yahoo.com  You can also see additional updates on our Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/clovercreekranch/


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