NO HUNTING LICENSE REQUIRED. Hunting is conducted year round.

We have one, two, and three day hunts available. Prices subject to change without notice. Please call for up to date pricing.


~Sheep and Rams~                               1000.00 – 3500.00

Corsican Sheep
Soay Sheep
Painted Desert Sheep                   
Desert Tan Dahl
Hawaiian Black Sheep                   
Hybrid Mouflon Sheep                   
Oregon Dahl Sheep                      
4-Horned Ram (Jacob)                   
Merrino Ram
Navajo Churro Ram
Racka Ram
Non-Trophy Sheep


~Goats~                                                   1000.00 – 1500.00

Angora Goat                            
Catalina Goat



Hogs                             600.00 - 800.00
Hogs 150-200lbs.                 800
Hogs 300-500lbs.                 950
Giant Hogs 500lbs+               1200



~Deer~                                                              Call for Pricing

Mule Deer

Washington General Seasons, Tags and license required

~Bison~                                                              Call for Pricing

Trophy Bulls
Meat Bulls


~Hybrid Zebu Bulls~                                          Call for Pricing

Trophy 1800+ lb Bulls
Meat Bulls


~Watusi~                                                           Call for Pricing

Non Trophy Cow


~Yak~                                                                Call for Pricing

Non Trophy cow


~Corrientes & Highlander Cows~                        Call for Pricing

Non Trophy



– ALL deposits count towards the price of a hunted animal. All hunts require 50% to be paid upon booking and the remaining balance is due 30 days prior to hunt. Hunts scheduled less than 30 days out will require 100% upon booking, unless otherwise approved by Shon.

Gratuities not included in animal fees.

We offer 1 day 1 night hunts as well as 3 day 2 night hunts. The 1 day 1 night hunts run from noon to noon. All 3 day 2 night hunts are offered on the following two day cycles every week: Noon Friday through Noon Sunday, Noon Monday through Noon Wednesday, and Noon Wednesday through Noon Friday

Animals will be packed out of the hunting area for you. We also have a cooler, meat can be kept in while you are here. Hunters will be responsible for the care and processing of their game heads, hides and meat. Also you will need a game bag, tarp, or sheets to cover your meat.

Call Shon directly on his cell at 360-606-5428 or email him at for questions or further information.


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